came to this world to conquer not divide. I fear nothing and answer to none. When the flames abound, I will smile within and race to where I’m sure to get burned. I live for the fight and I can break through the screams. Ask me no questions as I can give you no answers. But when all else fails, I’ll bring you back. And you shall know that I was made for this.
  • Combat boots in vacchetta leather
  • Hand carved mahogany wood accents in black
  • Unlined shaft
  • Lining in soft calfskin
  • Sole in leather and rubber with a leather welt detail around the toes
  • DV010 is a hand-made boot. Its construction is based on an oxford style fused with a derby outer layer, a Vanassibara trademark
  • The accents are made from mahogany, a noble wood made famous for its use in high-end furniture. Our mahogany comes from a sustainable plantation in Java where each component is hand carved by some of the world’s best wood artisans. The base curvature of each piece follows the natural shape of the foot and is adjusted proportionately to the size of the boot
  • The mahogany accents are permanently attached onto the outer layer that remains free for comfortable walking
  • The unlined shaft makes DV010 a perfect mid season boot
  • DV010 is entirely lined in soft subtle calfskin leather
  • Vanassibaras will never smell unpleasant. Our shoes are mounted on a breathable raw leather insole which naturally absorbs excessive sweat from the feet. That’s an old technique that only true luxury brands can afford
  • The sole is actually hand-made too. It is made from blocks of cut, trimmed and sanded rubber mounted onto a leather base to form the finished sole
  • Vacchetta is a strong leather but might become marked with wear and require professional attention. A suitable repair company will be able to effectively remove and refresh the product
  • This material is highly absorbent and once a stain is deeply ingrained it can be impossible to remove
  • We highly recommend that customers use a suitable leather protection, such as Woly or Furniture Clinic products
  • Gently wipe the product with a soft damp cloth and allow to air dry away from direct heat
  • Avoid deep scratches on the wood, as any kind of damage will be very difficult to repair
  • Should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat