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SKU: DV065 – Feet – w

Free from:

  • Traditional retail markups
  • Unsustained hype
  • Cash-for-coverage press
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DV065 fits true to size.
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  • Laser cut loafers in leather
  • Fully in soft goatskin
  • Sole in 100% natural rubber
  • DV062 is a signature Vanassibara design. The upper is made from cow leather bonded onto goatskin using a thermo-adhesive high-tec fabric in between. This material is soft yet extremely resistant, which prevents the leather mesh from breaking with use
  • Vanassibaras will never smell unpleasant. Our shoes are mounted on a breathable raw leather insole which naturally absorbs excessive sweat from the feet. That’s an old technique that only true luxury brands can afford
  • The sole is actually hand-made too. It is made from blocks of cut, trimmed and sanded rubber, then mounted and finished with a leather welt trim
  • Cowhide is a strong leather but like all leather products, they might become marked with wear and occasionally require maintenance
  • We would advise against the use of any cleaning products containing solvents, which might affect the surface finishing on the leather
  • Gently wipe the product with a soft damp cloth and allow to air dry away from direct heat
  • Avoid contact with liquids containing alcohol or solvents, as this will cause irreversible damage to the surface of the leather
  • Should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat

“Looks as good in a pair of jeans as it does with a sarong!”

“Print inspired by celebrated Brazilian painter Candido Portirari”