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DV066 fits true to size.



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36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

  • Oxfords in natural vegetable dyed calfskin
  • Hand-made hand-tied leather knots
  • Fully lined in soft goatskin
  • Sole in 100% leather
  • DV066 is a hand-made oxford lace-up that follows a classic wing brogue design
  • Its unique selling feature is knots that replace the regular brogue holes. Each knot is created from a thin leather string and individually hand twisted onto the upper. There are about 126 hand-made knots on each pair!
  • The sole was engineered with a pronounced angle at the front base, which we call toe spring. A high toe spring, specially in thicker soles, has a major benefit: it greatly helps walking as there is no need to bend the foot as much because the shape of the sole does that for you. As a result you will feel less tired and you will enjoy a more relaxed walk
  • This approach will prevent the leather from creasing like a classic shoe
  • DV066 is entirely lined in soft subtle goat leather
  • Vanassibaras will never smell unpleasant. Our shoes are mounted on a breathable raw leather insole which naturally absorbs excessive sweat from the feet. That’s an old technique that only true luxury brands can afford
  • The sole is actually hand-made too. The plateau and the heel are made from layers of cut, trimmed and sanded leather sheets, which are mounted onto a leather base to form the finished sole
  • Natural vegetable dyed calfskin used at Vanassibara ages beautifully over time. Due to the exceptional quality of the raw material, the elasticity of the leather fibers have been relatively well preserved during the vegetable tanning process
  • A good neutral leather protection cream may be used to maintain the leather
  • The best way to preserve your leather sole is to start wearing them on dry ground first. Avoid getting the soles wet whilst the shoes are still new. After that, occasional wetness and dirt from the ground won’t affect its durability but never let the soles become completely soaked
  • Calf is a relatively strong leather but like all leather products, they might become marked with wear and occasionally require maintenance
  • Gently wipe the product with a soft damp cloth and allow to air dry away from direct heat
  • Avoid contact with liquids containing alcohol or solvents, as this will cause irreversible damage to the surface of the leather
  • Should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat

"126 hand-tied leather knots is craft at another level"