Diego Vanassibara (DV) is from the countryside of South Brazil. He moved to England at the age of 22 after studying architecture at his native country. In London, he trained at the prestigious Cordwainer’s college of footwear and in 2013 the label that bares his name was launched

DV’s perspective on design is a distinct one. His upbringing, contrasted to the life in the English capital, has gathered strength for the perfect storm of original ideas; a juxtaposition of references that include the urban, architecture, history and a firm foot in nature

Brazil is very close to the designer’s heart and that is key to DV’s uniqueness: the ability to combine impossible ingredients and stir them into a well balanced cocktail – this exemplifies the mixed origins of Brazilians themselves. DV’s parents are from Mediterranean, Northern European, Brazilian and native indigenous background, this had to have an impact in the designer’s aesthetics

Through DV’s eyes shoes become a modern and idiosyncratic blend of feelings and forms designed by a man who calls himself ‘a constrained maximalist’

To coincide with the launching of the label at the Japanese store Dover Street Market Ginza, DV was invited to exhibit the Tornado at the shop, which had an invitation designed personally by Rei Kawakubo

The elements – especially the extreme ones – were very much on DV’s mind in the lead up to what became known as the Tornado Collection. Looking to the skies he imagined his collection of hand-made beautifully crafted yet robust shoes and boots had been exposed to a tumultuous storm

Made in collaboration with William Murray, this installation was comprised of half a ton of recycled acrylic, heat moulded by hand, then mounted on a wood and steel frame

As shown at London Fashion Week Men’s, the Crying Forest was made of sustainable birch trees sourced from a Scottish charity and hundreds of transparent acrylic spears

To raise an alert against the deforestation of the Amazon jungle, which not only threatens the balance of the global climate, but also the life of native cultures that depend on the rainforest for survival, DV created an installation titled The Crying Forest, together with William Murray. The idea was to represent a forest dramatically lacerated, with the acrylic forming the tears of the trees that cry following the destruction of their forest. The shoes, in turn, were inspired by the art and the customs of the Native peoples of Brazil, whom often are ignored in their country for lack of public interest, discrimination and ignorance by many, despite being the true guardians of the forests and embody in their very existence the priceless living culture and history of Brazil

A section of this installation was flown to Asia for the launching of DV at On Pedder, the luxury men’s shoe boutique in Hong Kong

DV created The Prism, a custom made display from wood and acrylic to showcase the season’s designs at Isetan Shinjuku, the prime luxury department store in Tokyo

Another collaboration with William Murray – The Hoist was comprised of hand woven chain mesh suspended in air by leather straps attached to a star shaped structure

Inspired by the notorious London sex club called The Hoist, the collection is a slightly tongue in cheek take on bondage and fetishistic motifs. It is a season that ‘abuses’ the use of buckles, metallic inserts, studs, leather strapping and glazed surfaces.

As captured by Angeline Kasim, DV046 sets the tone for the forbidden and the private

Detailed view of The Trincado installation at London Fashion Week Men’s – our latest collaboration with William Murray

Known for his in-depth research, DV explored classic mosaics, looked back at Brazilian art (specifically tile work) from the 1950’s, and observed modern stained glass. Unexpectedly, his iPhone screen was shattered! This event provoked visions of broken or smashed glass for this collection, which aligns it with the ever present element of danger

The Trincado installation was an assemblage of clear or mirrored acrylic shards affixed to walls, thus forming various abstract or surreal mosaics

Isetan Shinjuku invited DV to create a Christmas display. As visions of a ‘Fuji’esque or futuristic tree came to life, dozens and dozens of mirrored acrylic shards suddenly became known as The Trincado Christmas Tree

Model wears Miharayasuhiro X Diego Vanassibara shoes down the catwalk at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Celebrated Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro invited DV to collaborate on two separate capsule shoe collections, which were shown at Mr Mihara’s catwalk shows in Paris Men’s Fashion Week for two seasons.

One of the iconic designs created as part of the collaboration was the blending DV’s trademark hybrid construction boots with Mihara’s contrasting wedge sole