DV065 Piranha


hy does infection have a negative connotation? In truth, it can be persuasive. As can the overwhelming feeling of being invaded by something unknown and a little bit dangerous. Toxicity will only destroy if feared. If used, it can transform and create an unexpectedly potent hybrid. Embrace it.
  • Cow leather sliders
  • Piranha motif embroidered on the upper in black
  • Fully lined in soft goatskin
  • Sole in 100% leather
  • DV065, also knows as ‘chinelos’ in South America, is a type of footwear favoured by many in the countryside and smaller cities of South Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay
  • Our sliders are hand-made and crafted from soft cowhide
  • DV065 is entirely lined in super soft subtle goat leather
  • Major attention to design is given to the embroidered motif where the piranhas are intentionally misaligned, which gives a movement quality to the pair and makes them look as if they are chasing each other
  • The sole is actually hand-made too. The insole and the outer sole are made from leather, same case of the heel. The latter is made from layers of cut, trimmed and sanded leather sheets, which are mounted onto a leather base to form the finished sole.
  • Cowhide is a strong leather but like all leather products, they might become marked with wear and occasionally require maintenance
  • We would advise against the use of any cleaning products containing solvents, which might affect the surface finishing on the leather
  • Gently wipe the product with a soft damp cloth and allow to air dry away from direct heat
  • Should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat