watch from the edge and all I see are decisions to be made and the ways things could be. Should I be righteous and follow the rules or back the offenders however I choose? The game doesn’t change but the rules are my own. I bow to no man and shan’t be moved. I and I alone shall decide which path to tread. I’m easily followed but difficultly led.

  • A modern oxford with jagged patent trim detail
  • Upper in demi-shine brushed calf leather
  • Straps and belts in vacchetta leather
  • Fully lined in soft calfskin
  • Sole in leather and rubber
  • DV054 is a hand made shoe with a modern design line. It is formed by two single-cut panels of leather fixed to each other with a jagged shape channel in patent leather stitched in between
  • The belts around the heel and top of the shoes are detachable whilst the straps across the toe are fixed
  • The sole was engineered with a pronounced angle at the front base, which we call toe spring. A high toe spring, specially in thicker soles, has a major benefit: it greatly helps walking as there is no need to bend the foot as much because the shape of the sole does that for you. As a result you will feel less tired and you will enjoy a more relaxed walk
  • This approach will prevent the leather from creasing like a classic shoe
  • DV054 in entirely lined in soft subtle calfskin leather
  • Vanassibaras will never smell unpleasant. Our shoes are mounted on a breathable raw leather insole which naturally absorbs excessive sweat from the feet. That’s an old technique that only true luxury brands can afford
  • The sole is actually hand-made too. The plateau is made from rubber whilst the body of the heel is made from layers of cut, trimmed and sanded leather sheets with a heel top in rubber, which are mounted onto a leather base to form the finished sole
  • Brushed calf is a relatively strong leather but like all leather products, they might become marked with wear and occasionally require maintenance
  • Brushed calfskin is easy to clean. Gently wipe the product with a soft damp cloth and allow to air dry away from direct heat
  • Avoid contact with liquids containing alcohol or solvents, as this will cause irreversible damage of the surface of the leather
  • Avoid scratching or excessive abrasion, as the texture cannot be repaired once damaged
  • Should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat